• Residenzschloss (Royal Palace)

    In the heart of the city’s historic centre, the Residenzschloss Dresden (Dresden Royal Palace) is the historic point of origin and the current centre of the Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections)... read more

  • Moritzburg Castle

    Close to Dresden, there is the unique Cultural Landscape of Moritzburg with Moritzburg Castle and the Little Pheasant Castle at its heart. Moritzburg has become famous for its horse breeding and carp farming as well as through the activities of artist Kaethe Kollwitz. In winter 1972/1973, the Baroque castle was the festive backdrop for »Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella« – one of the most popular German fairy-tale movies... read more

  • Stolpen Castle

    The medieval castle grounds, located between Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland and Dresden, the City of Culture, rise above the country – visible from afar. Together with the natural monument of the »Stolpen Basalt«, Stolpen Castle forms one single unit.... read more

  • Weesenstein Castle

    One of these significant castles, palaces, and gardens is Weesenstein Castle. This unique architectural ensemble, located hardly 20 kilometres from the Saxon capital Dresden, was brought into prominence as the private property of King John of Saxony (König Johann von Sachsen), the most famous Wettin of the ... read more

  • The Fortress Königstein

    Ravelin, casemate or battey – those wanting to study fortress construction of the early modern era will find they have chosen well to visit the 23.5-acre rocky plateau of Koenigstein, although in this fortress shots were only ever fired as part of military exercises. The rock was also a notorious state prison, mostly for prominent members of society... read more

  • Albrechtsburg Castle

    »The late-Gothic Albrechtsburg Castle rises high above the picturesque Elbe river valley. Built in the 15th century, the Meissen Albrechtsburg is regarded to be Germany’s oldest castle. Schloesserland Sachsen and Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen would like to warmly invite... read more